Christiane Kubrick X Jonathan Anderson

"Who is the Painter?” is a short film featuring featuring Christiane Kubrick and Jonathan Anderson directed by Christiane's grandson, Jack Elliot Hobbs. The short film was premiered at “II Cinemino” in collaboration with MUBI after the brand's Men’s AW24 & Women’s Pre-Fall 24 show in Milan.

JW Anderson Men’s Autumn Winter & Women’s Pre-Fall 2024

The Men’s Autumn Winter & Women’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection seamlessly blends fashion and art.
In a unique collaboration, Jonathan Anderson and Christiane Kubrick have intricately woven together their creative visions.

A domestic fantasy, triggered by seeing the interiors in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut: the curtains, the reds, the paintings hanging on the walls, which were created by Christiane Kubrick, the director’s wife, who often collaborated with her husband. These colourful figurative depictions, although in the background, were integral to the psychology of the scenes, and are now essential to the imagery of the collection.

Christiane Kubrick; Background and Artistry

Christiane Kubrick, born in Germany in 1932 into a theatrical family, initially pursued a career as a dancer and actress. Her journey led her to the film "Paths of Glory," where she met her future husband, Stanley Kubrick. In the late sixties, the Kubrick family moved to England, and Christiane transitioned to her true passion, painting.

Embracing her artistic passion, she has since carved out a remarkable legacy through her vibrant and evocative works, cementing her place in the world of visual arts.