Men's Spring Summer & Women's Resort 2025

Are you ready for the hypnotherapy session?
Close your eyes. 
Inhale. Exhale. 
Accomplish a state of sleep. 
Real sleep. 
Are you feeling dreamy? 
Maybe a little delirious?
Is everything getting out of proportion? 
Fantasize. Augment. Blow up.
Allow things to inflate, details to grow gigantic.
Get a loafer into a bag, and balloons all over the place.
Let volumes bend, turn, grow askew.
Concede flaps to do the same. 
Inhabit a British house, and knit it.
Do you see the space cadets? 
You can’t miss them: everything they wear is so aggrandized.
Feel dizzy, perhaps?
Have a pint of Guinness.

Creative Director: @jonathan.anderson
Styling: @benjaminbruno_
Casting: @ashleybrokaw
Hair: @anthonyturnerhair
Make Up: @lynseyalexander
Show Production: @holmesproduction
Video Director: @titreprovisoire
Music: @pascalmoscheni


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