A blank slate.
Reducing, compressing, condensing: with a certain crudeness and definite bluntness.
Primeval and primordial: clothing stripped down to where it all starts - the roll of fabric.
Intimacy and domesticity: hugging oneself, or a pillow.
The reassurance that comes from homely and childhood memories: a pair of Wellipets, cozy jumpers, drapey pants, bunnies running on shorts and tops.
A sense of ownership: locked up duffles, dresses and boots.
Owning the ruffle shorts, too, and seeing them anew.
Shrunken jackets, dropped collars.
A constant exchange: what’s for him is also for her.
No fuss, no extra, no more.
Everything is what it is, and that’s it.




Show credits
Creative Director: Jonathan Anderson
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Music: Pascal Moscheni
Casting: Ashley Brokaw
Hair: Anthony Turner
Make Up: Lynsey Alexander
Production: Holmes Production


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