Putting playfulness in pragmatism
And pragmatism in playfulness.
Clothes meant to be used, misused and toyed with.
The everyday, and the out there.
Proportions that shrink, curve, tilt, expand.
Clarity and purposefulness, with a crafty bent.
The hoodie, the perfecto, the bomber jacket, the blazer; the trousers, the cargo trousers, the shorts;
the minidress, the dress.
Padded, knotted, exploded;
crocheted, molded, draped.
A sense of plainness that is not so plain.
Of function with the oomph of play.

Creative Director: @jonathan.anderson
Styling: @benjaminbruno_
Music: @pascalmoscheni
Casting: @ashleybrokaw
Hair: @anthonyturnerhair
Make Up: @lynseyalexander
Show Production: @holmesproduction
Video Director: @titreprovisoire

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