Continuing with a format established several seasons ago, JW Anderson presents its Women’s Autumn Winter 2021 collection in the form of nineteen double-sided posters shot by Juergen Teller in addition to a video message from the brand’s Founder and Creative Director Jonathan Anderson.

This season's presentation is a curation and juxtaposition of Jonathan’s passions: art and fashion. Alongside the nineteen looks of the Women’s Autumn Winter collection are portraits of Dame Magdalene Odundo DBE and Shawanda Corbett and their works, including limited-edition blankets produced in collaboration with Jonathan and JW Anderson.


For Jonathan the collection was an attempt to “boil everything down to beauty, silhouette and pose.” It is an exploration of volume, a recurring theme in JW Anderson womenswear collections, with a focus on totemic structures. Knitwear expands into cocooning shapes. The everyday becomes surreal in prints on trousers and tops. The body, grounded on sturdy boots with chain embellishment, is celebrated as a vessel. Like the art and the images, the fashion has been curated.

The combination of art and fashion this season is embodied in hand-knit and woven blankets and the entire presenation is "one of the most personal projects I have ever done," said Jonathan.


Creative Director: Jonathan Anderson
Photography: Juergen Teller
Creative Partner: Dovile Drizyte
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Design: OK-RM⠀

Featuring Dame Magdalene Odundo DBE, Shawanda Corbett, Nyaueth


JW Anderson presents a limited edition series of hand-knit and woven blankets developed by Jonathan Anderson in collaboration with Artists Dame Magdalene Odundo DBE and Shawanda Corbett. Four hand-knit blanket styles are available featuring two works from each Odundo and Corbett. The hand-knit versions are made-to-order with a limited production of ten. To place an order or find our more please visit the link below to contact the London JW Anderson team by email or phone.