The power of the random act: JW Anderson's Autumn Winter 2022 collection takes the form of multiple actions that embed the fashion bit into popular culture, taking back elements from popular culture in return and features only one protagonist, the actress Hari Nef, performing different characters as she brings to life the collection in both cinematic and photographic form.

A fantasy of unabashed fun, glitter and sparkle unfolds with a feisty spirit. Party things are taken and literally turned into clothing. Chandelier earrings and chandelier tops. Inflated balloon tops. Deflated balloon tops. Balloon and fringed trousers. Balloons printed on silk and metallic fabric. Run Hany tracksuits and tops. Carrie hoodies and trousers. Perfecto jackets. Trousers with trains. Sequined dresses. Run Hany, again, on bags; sandals with straps padded as balloons. A world of fragments and archetypes, and a play on obviousness that twists things around. A play on cult elements of popular culture, too.

The images are the first action. Shot by Juergen Teller, they feature Hari Nef interpreting different cinematic characters. A change of hairdo completely flips the persona, because a tamed or untamed mane is a wholly different way of being.

In the faux documentary that is the second of the multiple actions, entitled Falling for Fall and directed by the filmmaker Loic Prigent, Hari Nef walks the spectators through the collection in the studio and the atelier where things are made. She falls rhythmically, getting up every time in a new self and a new do.

Printed as billboards and mounted on vans, the images are then shot again by Juergen Teller on the streets of Milan, in the third and final action that makes them fickle yet highly visible parts of the urban landscape.

The collection will be available to purchase from July 2022. For sales enquiries please email help@jwanderson.com and for wholesale enquiries please email sales@jwanderson.com.


Creative Director: Jonathan Anderson @Jonathan.anderson

Photography: Juergen Teller @juergentellerstudio

Creative Partner: Dovile Drizyte @doviledrizyte

Styling: Benjamin Bruno @benjaminbruno_

Talent: @harinef

Hair: @1malcolmedwards

Make Up: @hiromi_ueda

Production: Holmes Production @holmesproduction

Photography Assistance: Tarek Cassim

Post-Production: Catalin Plesa at Quick Fix Retouch


1 Run Hany is a South Korean cartoon that run for thirteen episodes from 1985 to 1988.

2 Carrie is a 1976 supernatural horror film directed by Brian de Palma and starring Sissy Spacek adapting from Steven King’s novel of the same name released by MGM.