Spring Summer 2021

Artisanal craft is alive this season with the new Uniqlo and JW Anderson collection, 'Threads in bloom'. Vibrant floral embroidery, smocking and blanket stitching lend handcrafted warmth to simple silhouettes. Reflecting nature's fresh palette, tradtional linens and cottons have a textured, homespun feel. A playful sense of ease threads through every piece.

Created with a hope for new beginnings and brighter days, the collection continues to evolve with signature JW Anderson craftmanship and heirloom charm.


Autumn Winter 2020 

Centring around the theme “A Day in London”, this season’s collection offers a wardrobe inspired by everyday life in this refined city. Relaxed shapes are enlivened with JW essentials, including warm colours, patchwork and asymmetry to help you feel brighter during the darker months. By combining the innovative designs of JW ANDERSON with the simple, high-quality clothing of UNIQLO, LifeWear continues to evolve, making this collection enjoyable for all.


Spring Summer 2020 - 12th March

This collaboration line was developed on the theme of “British Heritage Meets LifeWear - British classics. Designed for life today.” This LifeWear offering combines the innovative designs that JW Anderson brings to Britain’s traditional apparel with UNIQLO’s commitment to fit, materials, and functionality.

The traditionally inspired collection includes numerous new items in JW Anderson’s signature bold hues. Men’s pocketable parkas are updated with on-trend anorak styling, for a genderless look. For women, the line features patchwork dresses and skirts and tote bags with large gingham patterns.

Designs and details for the kids’ line are essentially the same as for adults, only in smaller sizes. There are also linen blend blouses inspired by vintage sailing apparel. Regular fit shirts incorporate stitched panels for an additional styling touch. All kids’ items coordinate easily with adult outfits to make family outings more fun.



Autumn Winter 2019 - 17th October

The fourth collaboration with UNIQLO continues with roots in classic British workwear garments, updated with Anderson’s design twists and youthfulness. With UNIQLO, the products become part of the spectrum of LifeWear, reflecting their core values of thoughtfulness, craftsmanship and excellence in material and functionality. This collection will continue to be a foundation for wardrobes around the world.

The military parkas, checked wool blankets, fishermen’s jumpers, kilts, corduroys and Shetland wool, amongst other iconic garments, have been reimagined through JW ANDERSON’s vocabulary but still remain recognizable classic British icons. 

Spring Summer 2019

Featuring trench coats, bomber jackets, and other items that symbolize British fashion presented in the witty designs characteristic of JW ANDERSON, the lineup nicely accents UNIQLO’s everyday wardrobe that combines high-quality materials, fit, and functionality.

Commenting on the newest line, Jonathan Anderson said, “It is always fun collaborating with UNIQLO. I always find it super interesting how two brands with very different backgrounds can come together to create an exciting collection. In the third collation of the collaboration, I envision a summer wardrobe that could be relaxed and chic at the same time; a versatile and youthful collection.

Spring Summer 2018


This collection takes inspiration from British heritage garments, now updated by JW Anderson. The timeless collection reflects a core value of thoughtfulness, quality and excellence in both material and functionality.


Jonathan Anderson: “I wanted to keep the British-ness in the Spring Summer Collection. Brighton is an iconic place in England. I love going there!”

When asked what new element of British heritage can we see in the new collection, Jonathan replied, You’ve got the idea of the work wear element, you know the idea of the 50’s denims and the idea of workmen jackets. I think it’s something nice in this idea of a washed look, something which is kind of lived in. And I think that’s what’s new for the season.”

Autumn Winter 2017


The range will bring together the British heritage of JW Anderson and the everyday comfort and perfection that UNIQLO pursues in terms of fit, fabric, and functionality through its Life Wear concept.

Commenting on the announcement, Jonathan Anderson said,“Collaborations are incredibly important in design. When I think of Uniqlo, I think of things that are perfectly made, that people have spent a lot of time considering; it’s a difficult job, and I think Uniqlo do it very well. Working with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion, and it’s nice that my design can be accessible to anyone, on all different levels.”


Yuki Katsuta, Senior Vice President of Fast Retailing and Head of Research and Design at UNIQLO said, “Much of the clothing we wear today has a long history, and many styles originated from uniforms or work wear. The British Isles constitute a treasure house of such apparel, with duffle coats and fisherman's sweaters being just two examples. In partnering with JW Anderson, one of Britain's most innovative and creative brands, we will tap into traditions while pursuing progress in designs and fabrics, to craft styles that are enduringly appealing."