'DAYS' : The Exhibition

Discover 'DAYS' an exhibition by Patrick Carroll.
An innovative showcase presented exclusively at JW Anderson's Milano Flagship Store;
 Milano Design Week 2024 (17th - 21st April 2024).


Patrick Carroll makes artworks by stretching textiles he’s knitted onto stretcher bars as though they are paintings. From his large collection of yarn, nearly all scavenged from yarn remainder shops that liquidate the fashion industry’s leftovers, Carroll forges compositions of varied texture, material, color, and transparency, in primarily wool, linen, silk, cashmere, and mohair. He makes each work by hand on a flatbed domestic knitting machine from the 1970s at his studio in Los Angeles.

Knitted into the works are bits of text. About half the works in this show bear a single word, usually a word that names a concept–music, abnegation, pity, voices, permanence. Of the rest, some quote works of literature, some refer to already extant works of art, and some feature Carroll’s own phrases. Carroll’s shows come together across the making of them, language accreting daily to form a modular chorus. It is only in the realization of a show that its aesthetic argument emerges.

Days, presented by JW Anderson at the flagship store in Milan during Salone del Mobile, thematizes the labor of art and study: how one makes meaning from materials, and how one learns to do so from those who’ve done it. Each work on its own invokes a host of images, voices, places, and times; in assembly, the works give onto a conceptual space at once transhistorical and precisely contemporary.  .

Join us to experience 'Days' The Exhibition by Patrick Carroll; exclusively at our Milano Flagship Store. 

Presented during Milano Design Week 2024: 17th - 21st April

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