Women's Autumn Winter 2024 Show

This, that.
To have one thing, one has to acknowledge the other.
Instead of nostalgia, colloquialism.
In lieu of the sensational, the non apparent.
Rather than notoriety, being secretive.
An inquiry into dressing as a psychological act, looking next door.
The subtle and the loud. A grey wig as a device. And flats. Housewife flats. Grotesque everydayness, in grotesque distortions and proportions.
Knitted dresses, jumpers and shorts.
Knots, and dowdy fits.
Scraps of a trench coat, and rosettes.
Too much space between the body and a coat; too little between the curves and a camisole.
Draping, more knots and curtain draping.
More rosettes.
A neutral palette.
Hints of newness, through subtlety.
Tropes and types: the ones that usually get unnoticed.
This, that.

Creative Director: Jonathan Anderson
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Music: Pascal Moscheni
Casting: Ashley Brokaw
Hair: Anthony Turner
Make Up: Lynsey Alexander
Show Production: Holmes Production
Video Director: Titre Provisoire


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